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Syngonium red heart

AED 51.00

  Height : 30 cm

Family : Araceae
Common Name : Arrowhead Vine ‘Red Heart’

Syngonium Red Heart is a favourite showcasing soft pink heart-shaped leaves. A great plant for adding a bit of colour to your space! Syngoniums survive well under low light conditions making them ideal for multiple positions around the home or place of work.

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Weekly watering is a good guide, but be sure to check the top 2″ of soil are dry before watering again.
The Red Heart enjoys bright indirect light but will also be happy in shade. This pink sensation will a dusty pink hue to the dimmest of corners.
Apply a weak dose of a liquid fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.
Prefers average household temperatures: between 18-24°C but can tolerate temperatures as low as 12°C in winter.
The Syngonium red heart enjoys increased levels of humidity if possible. Mist regularly or place by the shower for an added boost from time-to-time.


Dimensions 60-70 cm