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"From Little Seeds grow Mighty trees. "

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AED 26.00

  Height : 30 cm
  Spread : 20-30 cm

Family : Apocynaceae
Common Name : NATAL PLUM

Carissa grandiflora are fast growing, strong, spreading rounded evergreen groundcover grows up to 30 to 40cm. Its oval leathery leaves are lustrous rich green. Spines are found along branches and at the end of each twig that discourage trespassers. It blooms throughout the year, bearing white flowers almost as fragrant as those of star jasmine and with the same five-petaled star shape.

AED 2.00

  Height : 10-15 cm
  Spread: 10 cm

Family : Portulacaceae

Bushy, succulent shrub with thick, grey-barked stems and jointed, short, twig-like, projecting branches. The obovate, sometimes pointed, opposite, glossy green leaves, to 2cm long, are flat above, convex below. Inconspicuous, saucer-shaped, pale pink flowers, 2mm across, are produced in summer.

AED 3.00

  Height : 10-15 cm
  Spread : 10-15 cm

Family : Commelinaceae

Clump-forming perennial with rosettes of semi-erect, linear-lance-shaped, fleshy, hairless leaves, 20-35cm long, dark green above and deep purple beneath. White flowers are produced in paired, axillary cymes, which are surrounded by prominent, long-lasting purple bracts, throughout the year.

AED 3.00

  Height : 10 cm
  Spread : 10-15 cm

Family : Commelinaceae

Trailing perennial producing ascending purple stems. Large, pointed, narrowly oblong leaves, 8-15cm long, are V-shaped in section, and fleshy, hairless, rich violet purple. In summer, bears bright pink flowers in paired, terminal cymes.

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