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Pepromia obtusifolia

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  Height : 22 cm

Family : Piperaceae
Common Name :Baby rubber plant, pepper elder, radiator plant

Peperomia are a great choice for houseplants as they are low maintenance, and clean the air. A lovely golden compact plant with beautiful marbled variegated leaves, which is easy to look after. It has a great aesthetic appeal.

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Water when the top several inches of soil are dry, about every other week.
The Peperomia needs low to medium, indirect light. Tolerate partial shade and will even grow under fluorescent lights. Avoid direct sunlight as it can burn the leaves.
Apply fertilizer once or twice in spring and summer to encourage growth.
Peperomia’s ideal temperature range is 18°–24°C.
Peperomia obtusifolia thrives in high humidity. Mist foliage occasionally to increase humidity.
Dimensions 50-60 × 50-60 cm