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Outdoor Plants

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AED 350.00

  Height : 3-3.5 meter
  Caliper : 30-40 mm

Family : Leguminosae
Common Name: BABUL

A Tree 15-20 m high tree with a dense spherical crown, Stems and branchlets are usually dark to black coloured, fissured bark with grey-pinkish slash, exuding a reddish low-quality gum. Thin, straight, light grey spines in axillary pairs, usually in 3 to 12 pairs, 5 to 7.5 cm long in young trees but mature trees are commonly without thorns.

AED 45.00

  Height : 40-50 cm
  Spread: 10 cm

Family : Apocynaceae
Common Name : DESERT ROSE

A flowering, succulent houseplant with thick stems and leathery leaves. Flowers are Available in white, red, pink colours. Often blooms twice in a year. In nature it often develops very interesting shapes with highly swollen lower stems.

AED 30.00

  Height : 60-70 cm
  Spread : 30-40 cm

Family : Asparagaceae

Very fleshy, succulent, forms a rosette of spiky, lance-shaped, spine-tipped leaves. It bears a tall flower spike from the centre. Flowers are yellow to green, bell-shaped with a violet tinge. Can grow large even when container grown.

AED 25.00

  Height : 30-40 cm
  Spread : 30-40 cm

Family : Asparagaceae

Leaves are very fleshy, succulent, and ovate in shape. The inflorescence is dense and raceme. Leaves don’t possess any lateral or terminal sharp spines. Leaf ends are characterised with soft spine like pointed ends.

AED 450.00AED 560.00

  Height : 4-5 meter
  Caliper : 70-80, 80-90 mm

Family : Mimosaceae
Common Name: SIRIS TREE

A medium to large tree, of multi-stemmed widely spreading habit when grown in the open, but capable of good log form in plantation. Fully but briefly deciduous in the dry season. Inflorescence an axillary cluster of 15-40 pedicellate flowers.

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