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Carissa grandiflora

AED 26.00

  Height : 30 cm
  Spread : 20-30 cm

Family : Apocynaceae
Common Name : NATAL PLUM

Carissa grandiflora are fast growing, strong, spreading rounded evergreen groundcover grows up to 30 to 40cm. Its oval leathery leaves are lustrous rich green. Spines are found along branches and at the end of each twig that discourage trespassers. It blooms throughout the year, bearing white flowers almost as fragrant as those of star jasmine and with the same five-petaled star shape.

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Carissa requires moderate watering and overwatering is to be avoided as it causes yellowing of leaves and discoloration.
Requires full sunlight for growth and flowering.
Carissa needs to be fed 4 times yearly with a NPK based fertiliser and once a year with microelements.
 Salt Tolerance
Low Salt Tolerance.
Drought Tolerance
Medium Drought Tolerance.
Dimensions 20-30 × 30 cm