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Philodendron birkin white wave

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  Height : 25 cm

Family : Araceae
Common Name : Birkin white wave

The Philodendron brikin is fairly small when compared to other philodendron varieties. The leaves are the main reason for growing Philodendron ‘Birkin white wave’. Foliage is glossy and green, the leaves are oval in shape and smaller than many other Philodendrons. Mature plants may produce red-purple flowering spathes – however, this is rare.

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Water when the top several inches of soil are dry, about every other week.
Medium to bright indirect light. Direct sun with burn the leaves causing ugly brown marks.
Feed monthly during the spring, summer, and fall with a water-soluble balanced plant food diluted to half the recommended strength. Too much plant food causes excess salt build up in the soil and can result in leaf burn. The leaves on a philodendron usually turn pale green when the plant needs more fertilizer.
Prefers average household temperatures: between 18-24°C but can tolerate temperatures as low as 12°C in winter.
The “Birkin white wave” requires a more humid environment to grow well. If your home is very dry in the winter, place your plant near a humidifier or place it on a wet pebble tray. Be sure the plant is on the stones and not in the water.


Dimensions 60-70 cm