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Gardenia jasminoides

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  Height : 15 cm

Family : Rubiaceae
Common Name : Cape jasmine

Gardenias are beautiful, shrubby evergreen houseplants well loved for their creamy, fragrant blooms. The shrub that can grow 6-8 ft high with almost equal spread. The leaves are elliptic-oblong, glossy and leathery. Mature shrubs usually look round, and have a medium texture. It blooms in mid-spring to early summer over a fairly long season. The flowers are white, turning to creamy yellow as they age, and have a waxy feel. They are double in form, and can grow as large as 10 cm across. They have a powerful, sweet fragrance, and can perfume an entire room. Gardenia is native to Japan, China and Eastern Himalaya.

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Water when the soil starts to dry-out at the top. Water well and allow to drain thoroughly. Relatively drought tolerant. Do not overwater as this will cause the leaf tips to blacken.
Indoor potted gardenias prefer bright light, but not direct sunlight, especially during summer. Placing them in a sunny window that gets afternoon shade is best. Garden gardenias grow best planted in a partially shaded location. Some sun, with afternoon shade, works well here, too.
Apply a weak dose of a fertiliser once or twice a month during the growing season.
It prefers average household temperatures between 16-24°C.
This plant also prefers a high humidity level, above 60 percent. Indoor plants may require the use of a humidifier or constant misting during a cold, dry winter to maintain proper humidity.


Dimensions 60-70 cm