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Winter season watering

Since watering is one of the prime factor in plant growth. Watering during the summer and winter determine the plant survivability and optimum performances.

Factors to be considered during winter
1. Transpiration percentage during the winter months is less compared to summer
2. Evaporation loss from planer medium is less
Over watering considering all the factors will result die back of roots and stunted growth of plants .

How to water in winter season?
Winter watering to be adjusted starting from Mid of October with gradual reduction
  • October Mid- 75%
  • November – 60%
  • December – 50%
  • January 50%
  • February – 50%
  • March – 60%
  • April – 70%
  • May – 100%

Following procedure ensure gradual transition phase between summer and winter results optimum plant performance

In automated systems the percentage to be adjusted and in manual to be adjusted depend on feeding time.

Even though set parameters are generic depend on day to day variations in evapotranspiration following factors to be done.
A. Checking the soil moisture level before watering adjust the watering accordingly
B. Check the leaves appearance any symptom of wilting, adjust water
C. Water on fix times – preferably in the evening so the water stay whole night in medium and evaporation rates are less and easy to track down the soil moisture level. Avoid night time watering
D. Never water on leaves during winter it may scorch the leaves
E. Beds with mix plantation water demands are different. Butterfly valves to be installed to control the water flow for different species.
F. Potted plants are susceptible and during winter to be watered after checking the moisture level and water if required only
G. During windy days in winter transpiration loss will be high
watering to be increased to compensate the transitional loss depend on plant condition

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