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Nephrolepis cordifolia cordata

AED 35.00

  Height : 30 cm

Family : Lomariopsidaceae
Common Name : Sword fern

Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata), also known as sword fern, is a popular fern species that grows in many tropical areas around the world. In North America, it is considered a classic houseplant and is easy to care for, as it doesn’t require a lot of sunlight. Outdoors, this plant thrives in swampy, humid, and forested areas.

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The key to successfully growing a Boston fern is to keep the soil lightly moist—but not soggy—during the spring and summer when it is actively growing.
A Boston fern does best when grown in a location with bright, indirect light. Too much shade can result in sparse fronds that appear lackluster, and too much sun can burn the fronds. For this reason, Boston fern is a good choice for a porch plant that receives filtered sun in the morning and afternoon shade.
Indoor ferns should be fed once a month during the spring and summer using a 20-10-20 liquid houseplant fertilizer at half strength. No fertilization is necessary during the late fall and winter months.
Nephrolepis (Boston fern) prefers temperatures between 18-23 degree. They can’t tolerate extreme heat or extreme cold. Temperatures above 35 degree can harm the plant, as can near-freezing temperatures below 1.7 degree.
This fern also thrives in humidity levels above 80 percent.


Dimensions 60-70 cm