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Knitted Throw2Pillow Black & White

AED 249.00

 Dimensions : Throw 135*180cm, as a pillow 45*45cm

Color: Black & White
Includes :Knitted Throw2Pillow Black & White

This throw offers a 2 in 1 solution: it is a throw that can be folded and transformed into a pillow! yes you’ve heard this right! this 2 in 1 gorgeous throw will coordinate with any décor and can be draped over a chair or folded at the end of the bed. Soothing to your touch, it will keep you cosy and warm during chilly evenings.

30 in stock

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-Suitable for indoor use only
-Soft to touch and durable, fantastic value for money
-On-trend colors to really enhance your furniture and add protection
-Dimensions: as a throw 135*180cm, as a pillow 45*45cm
-Material: Polyester
-Color: Black & White

Care Instructions:
The fiber quilt can be washed directly in the washing machine, or washed with cold water, but liquid detergent should be used when washing, and the washing time should not be too long. No dry cleaning, no chlorine bleaching, low temperature ironing, machine dehydration or tumble drying. After using for 1-2 months, you should turn over the sun, keep it fluffy, and change the pillowcase frequently to prevent pollution. Do not pat after sun exposure. Store in a dry and ventilated place, avoid heavy pressure, and keep it clean to prevent mildew.
When storing, it should be dry and ventilated, avoid heavy pressure, and keep it clean to prevent mildew.


Dimensions 60-70 cm