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Jacquemontia pentantha

AED 45.00

  Height : 80-90 cm
  Spread : 30 cm

Family Name : Convolvulaceae

Jacquemontia is a fast-growing twining climber, branching freely from the base, with heart-shaped to ovate, mid- to bright green leaves, which taper to a slender point. Long-stalked cymes of up to 12 funnel-shaped, white-eyed, violet blue to blue flowers, 2cm to 4cm wide, are produced mainly from summer to late autumn.
Needs hard trimming yearly to remove winter dead stems in order to prevent a thatch being formed.

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Jacquemontia requires only moderate watering as it prefers to be kept moist. It is drought tolerant to an extent and heavy watering may cause root rot and leaf fall.
Performs well in open areas with direct sunlight availability.
Application of NPK based fertiliser 4 times yearly and a yearly application of microelements is recommended.
 Salt Tolerance
Low Salt Tolerance.
 Drought Tolerance
Low Drought Tolerance.
Flowers may not be in bloom at the time of delivery
Dimensions 30 × 80-90 cm