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Ficus carica (Fig)

AED 120.00

  Height : 1.5-1.8 meter
  Spread : 30-40 cm

Family : Moraceae
Common Name : FIG

Ficus carica is part of the mulberry family and is a deciduous tree or large shrub that is multi stemmed and has low branching. These evergreen plants are known for bearing fruit which can be consumed in both the fresh and the dry forms.

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The plant requires medium watering only. Over watering is not recommended as it will lead to root decay.
Open areas with ample sunlight are required for maximum growth and fruiting.
Application of a NPK based fertiliser yearly 4 times and a one-time micro elements are recommended.
 Salt Tolerance
Low Salt Tolerance.
 Drought Tolerance
Medium Drought Tolerance.
Flowers may not be in bloom at the time of delivery
Dimensions 30-40 × 150-180 cm