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Euphorbia tirucalli

AED 45.00

  Height : 50-70 cm
  Spread : 30-40 cm

Family : Euphorbiaceae

euphorbia-tirucalli is a shrub or small tree with pencil-thick, green, smooth, succulent branches that reaches heights of growth of up to 7 meters. It has a cylindrical and fleshy stem with fragile succulent twigs that are 7 mm thick, often produced in whorls.

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Considered as a desert species this plant requires less water and can tolerate drought conditions. Euphorbia Tirucalli does not accept over watering.
Plant performs well in open areas and direct sunlight. It is not recommended to be planted under the shade.
It benefits from an application of a NPK based fertiliser yearly 4 times and once a year application of micro elements are recommended.
 Salt Tolerance
Low Salt Tolerance.
Drought Tolerance
High drought Tolerance.
Dimensions 30-40 × 50-70 cm