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Anthurium andreanum atlas orange

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  Height : 50 cm

Family : Araceae
Common Name : Flamingo Flower, Laceleaf, Tailflower, Flamingo Lily, Painter’s Palette

Anthurium andraeanum is a herbaceous, perennial and rhizomatous, evergreen plant of small height and slow annual growth rate. It is spherical in shape, upright in habit with open symmetrical foliage of coarse texture. It is cultivated for its flowers, which are actually transformed leaves – bract, whose lifetime on the plant reaches 25 to 30 days (in tropical areas up to 40)

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Anthurium (Andreanum Grp) atlas soil should be kept moist at all times. Do not allow it to dry out. Make sure not to overwater as this may encourage root rot. Moderation is the key.
Plant is susceptible to die back due to lack of watering as well over watering.
When used as an indoor plant, it is recommended that it is always placed in extremely bright places, which favor its abundant flowering.
Slow release fertiliser once a month during the growing season.
Anthurium andraeanum, as plant of the tropical rainforests, is cold intolerant. The minimum temperatures, which are also the lowest tolerance limit, range between 4 and 1.7 °C. With high temperatures its behavior is satisfactory as long as also the atmospheric humidity is high.
It can tolerate lower humidity than some other plants, yet it will still appreciate your efforts to improve surrounding humidity levels, either via regular misting or using a pebble tray.


Dimensions 60-70 cm